facebook virus was first found

facebook virus was first found

Facebook are often hit by malware. However, new malware is really incredible. He can spread itself through unwitting friends' contact lists. Thousands of casualties reported to have been infected by it.

Alfons Tanujaya, Senior Vaksinis from Vaksin.com, this point is a new form of virus that spreads through Facebook applications.

"The first variant spreads by bringing up the title of" Optical Illusion [HQ] "on May 2, 2010 and then in http://apps.facebook.com/hghh_rtrt/ address. As has been disabled by Facebook, the second variant appeared more violent and far can not be defused, "he explained in a release to InfoKomputer.com Alfons.

This second variant began to spread on Saturday (15 / 5) which displays a link with the title wall "[your name], this is without doubt the sexiest video ever: p: p: p", accompanied by images of female buttocks glance looks like a file videos (see figure below). If the link or the image is clicked the application will automatically install itself evil without confirmation.

Remarkably, the application of this evil profiteer name of Winamp so difficult to recognize even by advanced users. Fortunately subterfuge that made this application makers to use the name "Winamp on Facebook", so that still could be identified with the invisible.

According to Alfons, the easiest way to avoid WoF is by not clicking the link with the characteristics of the above though sent by a friend or relative is known. But if it has been, still there are ways to handle it, by doing this the application uninstall. Following steps:

1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. At the top right of the screen click [Accounts] and select [Application Settings]. You will get a screen to "Application Settings - Recently Used".
3. Point your mouse on a cross [X] in application named "Winamp.
4. Click the "Remove" in the confirmation window that appears.
5. Refresh the browser, and make sure the application "Winamp" is gone.

The main motivation is not yet known the creator of this malware. Suspicion was strong while to find security holes facebook to steal personal data of users. Beware.


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