see the IP address of another person

see the IP address of another person

Knowing the IP address of the person we chat with a trick. That way is to use netstat feature in your windows with computer. Netstat is a feature of Windows that can read / see the connection between the computer network outage. But HE is not a chat that uses P2P connections that in fact happened in short is a direct connection between two computers. YM use as a media server. So when we type in netstat, it would seem YM IP from the server, not the IP of the chatter that we invite bicara.Namun after learning the trick, it all can be tricked. how to send files to chat kita.Langkahnya opponents as follows:

1. Log in to YM
2. Invite anyone who wants to chat you know ip addresses
3. Open your ... typed netstat cmd then hit enter
4. There will be many processes that look
5. Send any file to the other chat
6. When the process occurs, the cmd window, type netstat again and then hit enter
7. It will show an example like this IP: SYN_SENT
8. Well .. her opponent's IP address in your chat .. ipnya is If not clear, you can use the command netstat-n, it will come out ip addresses and ports in numerikYM uses port 5101 for sending files. File transfer process must occur in P2P, and with features of netstat, you will see the IP address of your opponent's chat send a file to .. Good luck ...


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