Asteroid hit earth in 2036

Asteroid hit earth in 2036

Moscow - Russia's space agency chief said Wednesday, a spacecraft can be sent to knock on a large asteroid course and reduce the possible impact of the earth, even though U.S. scientists say such a scenario is unlikely.

Anatoly Perminov told a radio rossii Golos space agency will soon hold a meeting to evaluate the mission to Apophis. He said the agency might eventually invited to NASA, the European Space Agency, China's space agency and others to join the project.

When the 270 meters (885 feet) asteroid was first discovered in 2004, astronomers predict the chances hit the Earth at the first flyby, in 2029, the first-in-37.

Rule out the possibility of further studies has been the impact on 2029, when the asteroid is expected to come no more than 18 300 miles (29 450 kilometers) from Earth's surface, but they showed little likelihood be a hit at the next meeting.

NASA has put the chance Apophis could hit Earth in 2036 as a one-in-45, 000. In October, after the researchers recalculated the asteroid path, the agency estimates up to a change-in-250, 000.

NASA said the other meetings in 2068 will involve a close-in-330, 000 possible impact.

Don Yeomans, who heads NASA's Near-Earth Object Program, said a better calculation of Apophis' path in a few years "will almost certainly remove any possible collision of Earth" in 2036.

Without mentioning the conclusion of NASA, Perminov said that he heard from a scientist who was getting closer and Apophis could hit the planet. "I do not remember exactly, but I think it could hit earth in 2032," Perminov said.

"People's lives are at stake. We have to pay several hundred million dollars and build a system that will allow us to prevent a collision, rather than sitting and waiting for it to happen and kill hundreds of thousands of people," Perminov said.

Scientists have long theorized about asteroid deflection strategies. Some have suggested sending the probe around asteroids dangerous to gradually change the trajectory. Others suggest sending a spacecraft collided with asteroids and changing momentum, or strike with nuclear weapons.
Perminov will not disclose any details of the project, said they still need to work out. But he said the mission would not require a nuclear explosion.

Hollywood action movies "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon," has a display space disaster mission struggling to avoid a collision. In both films, the crew of space to use nuclear bombs in an effort to prevent collisions.

"Calculations show that it is possible to create a special purpose spacecraft in our time, which will help avoid conflict," Perminov said. "The threat of conflict can be avoided."

Boris Shustov, director of the Institute of Astronomy in the Russian Academy of Sciences, Perminov praised the statement as a sign that officials have come to recognize the danger posed by asteroids.

"Apophis is just a symbolic example, there are many other dangerous things we know little about," he said, according to RIA Novosti news agency. 102, 102);


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