10 Dangerous Foods And We Eat Every Day

10 Dangerous Foods And We Eat Every Day

Did you know that food is important? , yes, very important, in addition to strengthening the body and healthy. health is very important to us, therefore keep your health while we are healthy. but, wait a minute the food we eat every day that are healthy? it turns out according to the experts there are poisonous / or dangerous if the consumption on an ongoing - and again. therefore, in this post I will share information about 10 Dangerous Foods And We Eat Every Day

1. Tomatoes
Many of us who do not know that tomatoes were poisonous. Although the tomato fruit itself is not toxic, but the leaves and twigs contain glycoalkaloid tomato plants that can cause abdominal pain and nervous. Tomato leaves and twigs can be used in cooking, but can not be eaten. Glycoalkaloid this is that even a strong poison used to control the plague.

2. Apple
Apples are very famous as a tasty and healthy fruit but knowing you that apples contain Cyanide / Cyanide, although only in small amounts. Cyanide content was found in the apple seed. While eating all the seeds are there in 1 apple does not shut down, but it is something that should be shunned. Because if you eat a certain amount, would result in complications

3. Cheri
Cheri is food that can be eaten most varied. Can be eaten raw, baked, made sweets, even in the liquor. Although famous Cheri delicious, this fruit contains toxic hydrogen cyanide. If this cherry pip chewed or destroyed by accident, he will issue a hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide poisoning in small doses will lead to dizziness, confusion, and vomiting. Poisoning in large doses will breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and even kidney failure that can lead to coma and death due to respiratory tract.

4. Almond
Although people call Almond nut is actually a grain, which is very famous in the world. As it was Apple, Almond also mengadung cyanide. Almond is very poisonous if not processed in the heat of his right to remove toxins. In many countries, Almond is prohibited sold before being processed to remove toxins from her cyanide

5. Potato
Surely all of us have never heard even eat potatoes. What we have not heard is that the potato is probably toxic. Twigs and leaves even its own potatoes poisonous. If you have a closer look at potatoes, most likely from the potatoes that we've seen somewhat greenish. This is caused by toxic glycoalkaloid. In history, deaths from these potatoes ever happen although rare.
Most are from drinking tea or eating potato potato leaves are greenish. Death does not come quickly and suddenly, but usually its victims will become weak and then fell into a coma. Therefore, do not eat potatoes that have green dots as eyes, skin greenish, or who have been rooted. Remove the potatoes rather than its present

6. Chili
Looks like no one among us who never eat chili. Whatever type of chili (the chili pepper, curly, green, etc.) contain a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin is what makes it a spicy chili. Very hard where this chemical can be used to remove paint, and even used as a pepper spray that can turn a blind eye. Bilan capsaicin is where a certain amount, will cause death

7. Monkey Nuts
Like almonds, this monkey is actually not nuts but seeds. When you Buys raw monkey nuts, peanuts are actually raw but never mind not been steamed first. because, these nuts contain urushiol poison that must be steamed to remove the poison first. Monkey nut poisoning are extremely rare, but the people who worked at the factory to separate the bean from its skin monkey sometimes experience side effects caused by poison urushio

8. Mushrooms
There are about 5000 species of fungi in the United States and about 100 known toxic and less than a dozen are that kill u. In general, fungi can cause digestive disturbances in intestinal gas for those who are allergic to it. Because many species of fungi that exist in the world, it is very difficult to know exactly which toxic reply. Basically, a fungus that grows wild over possible toxic. One of the most toxic type of mold is the Alpha-amanitin, which can damage the liver.

9. Pufferfish
Pufferfish Fish is the most toxic veterbrata second in the world. Korean and Japanese people most like to eat these fish. Many do not know that the liver of this fish is poisonous partner that can lead to death. The poison known as tetrodotoxin which can cause high blood pressure, numbness and paralysis of nerves that can cause breathing failure and death

10. Cassava (yuca)
Probably not many of us who know this food. Cassava is found in karibean and South America. Cassava can be eaten sweet or pahit.Makanan contains cyanogenic glocosides which was highly toxic. From the smell, cassava will repel insects and even animals, and if not properly process will result in death.

post above is just for us better protect our bodies from toxic food / dangerous if the consumption on a regular basis. so that I inform you, hopefully beneficial to all. :)


Tutorial Blog said...

wah masa sih teman,,,ane hampir tiap hari tuh makan makanan tersebut,,tapi kalau dibandingkan dengan manfaat yang didapat banyakan dengan bahayanya.. ^_^

Asis Sugianto said...

Nice info,,,, emank enak mengkonsumsi makana seperti itu,,,,,

Internet tips and share info said...

@ tutorial blog : ia sob,, kalo keseringan bisa jadi bahaya... :) tapi kalo dikonsumsi ga terlalu keseringan bermanfaat banget :)

@ asis sugianto : ia emang enak sob, tapi kalo keseringan bisa menimbulkan bahaya :)

Obat Alergi said...

lalu solusinya gimana tuch, harus kembali kepada yang benar-benar alami tanpa bahan pengawet dunk..

Internet tips and share info said...

@ Obat Alergi : ia sob, harus kembali ke yang benar benar alami, sesekali boleh lah makan yang beginian :D

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