Planet X?

Planet X?

This afternoon there is a question that is posed, what is a planet X? from where did he come? Is he going to destroy the Earth? Is there a planet X? The same question that spread along with the issue of the destruction in 2012.
Kuiper Belt Objects known. Credit: hubblesite
Kuiper Belt Objects known. Credit: wikipedia, hubblesite
Long before Pluto was discovered, astronomers have captivated the world to pursue the possibility of the existence of a body outside the orbit of Neptune. In 1843, John Couch Adams studied disorder that occurs in the orbit of Uranus and of gravitational interactions he concluded there was a disturbing planets to eight planets are gas giants.This also leads men to search for planets to eight and eventually discovered Neptune orbits the Sun at a distance of 30 AU. Apparently, Neptune is also experiencing the same thing with Uranus. He's orbit and is expected to crash there which disturb its orbit another planet like Uranus.
In 1930, Pluto was discovered hiding behind the darkness on the edge of the Solar System. And soon became known if Pluto is tiny, and she's not a planet X to be sought. So the search was continued ..
During the last 80 years, astronomers have to search whether there are other giant planets outside of Neptune. But in fact found a number of objects in the Kuiper belt and some are now defined as a dwarf planet. And again there is no planet X was found. Even the X is precisely disinonimkan with conspiracy theories, or the Day of Judgement. And is also associated with the planet Nibiru, a hypothetical planet from the Sumerian actually no relation whatsoever to the planet X real terms.
Inevitably the last year, the issue erupted in 2012 doomsday racing. Fear and anxiety appear .. various questions thrown.Some say there is a mystical planet that will appear in the inner Solar System on December 21, 2012. This issue is clearly misleading and even fears about the planet X at all unreasonable.
In fact, the planet X is the name for the planet that has not known or not yet identified, particularly to search massive planet outside the orbit of Neptune, in the era of pre-Pluto (before Pluto was discovered). And Planet X This is an extraordinary journey enjoyable search experience astronomers and reached a peak when Pluto was discovered.
Search for Planet X
Pluto. Credit: NASA
Pluto. Credit: NASA
From Percival Lowell claimed if there are other planets out there that disrupt the orbit of Neptune, a search on the alien planet began. In 1930, when Clyde Tombaugh found Pluto, one might say this discovery confirmed the theory of Lowell. Unfortunately in this era of the 1970s known if Pluto is too small to cause disturbances in the orbits of planets, in this case the gas giant planets like Neptune.
Over time and growing techniques, there is interference, which had estimated at the orbit of Neptune found an error in observation.Because it was no longer required the existence of planet X, a hypothetical planetary object is no longer required to be taken into account in the orbit of these disorders. However, observations of objects in the Kuiper Belt, it reinforced the finding planet X and X here means not yet identified. So the search is an object that is not yet known and not yet identified.
The Kuiper Belt is an area in space in the neighborhood of Pluto. In this area there are many objects in the form of ice and rock was observed. With technological developments in the observation, a variety of small objects more easily observed in the area in the Solar System and other systems in the outer Solar System. Currently researchers have succeeded in doing plot the distribution of Kuiper Belt objects (Kuiper Belt Object / OBC).
In OBC distribution of 30-50 AU, the range of 50 AU Kuiper belt end. This condition is known as the Kuiper Ravine and very few objects that can be observed beyond this point. And it is believed that the condition was caused by the presence of an object larger than Pluto and is smaller than Earth. Until now there is no other object found in the area but the chasm that exists after a distance of 55 AU.
X planet seekers, indicating there is a small planet orbiting at a distance of 60 AU or some massive planet 50% larger than Jupiter patrolling the sky at a distance of 1000 AU. But still there is no strong evidence to support this theory and there are no observations which could confirm the existence of an unknown planet.
Lorenzo Iorio from the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Pisa, Italy, menggunanakan orbits from observation data for many years and tried to calculate the distance of the orbit closest to a massive planet to orbit the planet was not known if this exists. And if this planet exists and is sufficient near, the presence of gravity would be directly detected and can also easily detect the disturbance caused by the dynamics of the planets within.
The result, the entire planet has a mass larger than Mars and Mars has been discovered in the Solar System. Iorio computational results show the minimum distance to Mars-mass planets, Earth, Jupiter and also might be a mass of the Sun at a distance of 62 SA, SA 430, SA 886 and SA 8995. For perspective, Pluto has an average distance of 39 AU.
If we suppose, say there is a massive planet called planet X patrolling outside Pluto.According to fans of the theory of planet X and the resurrection, the planet X is going to disrupt the orbit of the planets in the Solar System and then go in and cause destruction on Earth. Apparently there are other problems that thwart the theory.
If an unknown planet or the planet X there is a sufficient size, say the size of Pluto, then according to David Jewitt object must already be observed today if he was orbiting at distances up to 320 AU from the Sun. And beyond that distance there was no significant mass that can be found, if the mass of Pluto was considered significant.
Sedna, which is located at a distance of 90 AU. Credit: ME Brown collection
Sedna, which is located at a distance of 90 AU. Credit: ME Brown collection
Thus, the idea of the existence of planet X that will appear in 2012 and has a size larger than Pluto and located at a distance of 75 AU so it is very strange. How not, when these objects are even sized asteroids and Pluto can be detected even a short distance from the Earth to a few hundred Astronomical Unit (AU). Among the objects found at that distance there are also Eris and Sedna and a few other scattered objects.And just like Pluto, Eris also does not count as a planet X, because he did not quite "big".
Average in the Kuiper Belt objects found in a mass that is not far different from Pluto or smaller than Pluto. Remember: The search for an unknown planet was originally referring to the massive planet disturbing the orbit of Neptune.
Thus, if other objects found beyond the orbit of Pluto or Kuiper Ravine area outside influence then it could be said on the areas in the inner Solar System would be very small even for thousands of years into the future. Why?
The answer is simple, because we have found that planets more massive than Mars in the Solar System. In the end the whole story can be told about the planet X that is associated with destruction or Judgement day is just a myth and its relation to Nibiru was no more than a myth of nation Sumerian.


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