Difference Blog at Blogger.com and Wordpress.com

Difference Blog at Blogger.com and Wordpress.com


1. Free / libre

2. Unlimited Space / want to place a photo of whatever may

3. Easy terlisting on google (google bloggers have so much love ya at google blogger)

4. Easy / relatively easier than wordpress

5. Adsense Friendly / advantages of the bloggers, the blog owner can reap the benefits of adsense ads

6. Difficult Visitors Leave Comment

7. Theme Can replaceable / can make your own



1. Free / libre

2. 2GB Space / not unlimited, but still very big

3. Easy (newbie-medium) / but still more difficult than bloggers

4. Easy terlisting in google / slightly more difficult than bloggers, is the reason? See the above

5. Prohibited To Adsense / difficult to install php code / html on wordpress and wordpress prohibit the use for commercial

6. Visitor A Very Easy to leave Comment

7. Default Theme select from the stock / limited and can not create your own

8. Easy to add widgets in sidebar

now, after know the difference please choose which one suits you best, the choice is entirely up to you.


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