Restore Task Manager And Regedit Disabled by Virus

Restore Task Manager And Regedit Disabled by Virus

Now I will share info about why the task manager & regedit to disable. why? yes, you are right it is caused by a virus. I can google the info from the following steps by steps to become enabled again :

1. Enable the Task ManagerHere I can tools such thing as Task Manager Fix. please search on google at if the link has not been on here Download lear
2. Enable RegeditI can here the tutorial try one on if it is successful enough. But I try to step to the 4Method 1 - Enabling the Registry with VBScript

Doug Knox, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, has created a VBScript that enables or disables the Registry Editor based on the following location in the registry. Of course, since the registry editor is disabled, you can’t change it manually, so Doug wrote a Visual Basic Script to accomplish the task.


Visit Doug’s page and download Registry Tools VBScript to your desktop, double-click on it to run it, then reboot your computer and try to open the Registry Editor.
If this fix didn’t solve your problem, try method two shown below.
Method 2: Use Symantec’s tool to reset shell\open\command registry keys
Sometimes worms and trojans will make changes to the shell\open\command registry entries as part of their infections. This will cause the virus to run each time you try to run an .exe file such as the Registry Editor. In these cases, visit Symantec’s website and download the UnHookExec.inf file to your desktop. Right-click on it and choose Install. Restart your computer and then try to open the Registry Editor.
Method 3: Rename to Regedit.exe
Some viruses and other malware will load a file that is many times a zero byte dummy file. Because .com files have preference over .exe files when executed if you type REGEDIT in the run line, it will run the instead of the real regedit.exe file.
Delete the file if its a zero byte file to restore access to REGEDIT. In some cases, such as the W32.Navidad worm, you’ll need to rename the REGEDIT file to get it to work.
Method 4: Windows XP Professional and Group Policy Editor
If you have Windows XP Professional and access to an administrative user account, you could change the registry editor options in the Group Policy Editor.

1. Click Start, Run

2. Type GPEDIT.MSC and Press Enter

3. Go to the following location
* User Configuration
* Administrative Templates
* System

4. In the Settings Window, find the option for “Prevent Access to Registry Editing Tools” and double-click on it to change.

5. Select Disabled or Not Configured and choose OK

6. Close the Group Policy Editor and restart your computer

7. Try opening REGEDIT again

Although there are a few other ways, the above ways I have used with great success in re-enabling the REGEDIT command. If you are interested in more ways to reactive the REGEDIT command, you may want to visit a site called Killian’s Guide, that goes into more detail on a variety of ways to get the registry editor to work again.

sorry if there is one word, because I am not proficient in English. hopefully help you all. thank you 

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Tutorial Blog said...

wah, iya nih kawan,,,,pasti kalau komputer kena virus seringnya taskmanager ma regedit ga bisa dibuka,,uda pake antivirus katanya (kata antivirusnya) udah dibasmi semua virusnya,,eh tetep ga bisa dibuka,,
wah,,boleh nih tipsnya kawan, bisa dicoba nanti kalau kena virus,,eh jangan sampai kena ding,,heheh
thanks, bro...

Asis Sugianto said...

Saya juga sering mengotak atik gpedit.msc sob,, di ditu kita bisa memanage komputer kita,,

nice info sob....

Internet tips and share info said...

@ tutorial blog : whahaha ia gan ,,,antivirus aja ga cukup kalo udah kena virus....harus maen ke gpedit.msc....ia gan jangan berdoa kena virus donk,,,,whhahahah :)

@asis sugianto : ok sob :)

Syaifullah Arifin said...

kok ga' ada dalam bahasa indonesia sih sob...
pdhal aq lagi nyari-nyari ini q udh ga' bsa apa-apa tuh setelah terkena Virus H1N1...hehehe...
ada ga' ???

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blogwalking here, merry christmas

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