Nasa Announcement On Bacteria GFAJ-1

Nasa Announcement On Bacteria GFAJ-1

NASA press conference today announced GFAJ-1 bacteria as the newly discovered life form on our earth, it builds its DNA using arsenic – one of the most deadly poison for every being – not just building its DNA, this bacteria also uses chemical element with AS symbol to create RNA, proteins, and cell membranes. This discovery does invent something new on how we understand life.
Therefore it’s understandable if NASA entitles its discovery with: “Life as we do not know it” phrase. Since in general knowledge, every being contains six certain essential elements which are: Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur, including our DNA blocks.
NASA scientist, Felisa Wolfe Simon and her team found this completely new life form that doesn’t has the same the biological building blocks like identified living creatures in Mono Lake, California.
Here are bacteria GFAJ-1 photos:
New Life Form GFAJ-1
GFAJ-1 NASA Found New Life Form


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