36 tips how to raise the value of your blog / website in the eyes of search engine

36 tips how to raise the value of your blog / website in the eyes of search engine

36 tips how to raise the value of your blog / website in the eyes of search engine. You are making a new blog? if it does not hurt you to read some of these articles used as an introduction before we go to the main topic of discussion this time you'll be more familiar with SEO.

1.      Keywords in page titles.
2.      Keywords in page headings. (H1, h2, h3, etc.
3.      Keywords in domain name.
4.      Keywords in file names on a page, image or other content.
5.      keywords using bold, italics and underlined in the article.
6.      Keywords in alt text for foto-foto/gambar.
7.      The keywords in the text a different color / size.
8.      Variations keywords on the page (for example: eat, ate, eaten, eating, eater, etc.)
9.      Density of keywords on the page.
10.  Display the keyword in the top half of page / article.
11.  Keywords in meta tag description.
12.  Keywords in meta tag keywords.
13.  The uniqueness of page titles, description and keywords that make linking to other pages of our site.
14.  Age domain.
15.  Age of pages.
16.  TLD of the domain. (Example: The domain. Co.id will be better in the ratings google.co.id)
17.  Location Hosting.
18.  PageRank of the site.
19.  The quality of content. (Well-written, informative, not duplicate)
20.  The number of backlinks to our site.
21.  Quality (PR) of backlinks.
22.  Anchor text used to link back.
23.  Title text (if any) that are used for backlinks.
24.  Age of backlinks.
25.  Where is the backlinks appear on the page. (Page up, down page, etc.)
26.  What is the link back there in the content or outside content.
27.  Total number of links on the pages linked to our site.
28.  Backlinks from relevant sites or a single topic with our site.
29.  The Relevance of keywords with the main subject of the entire website.
30.  Left meloading site. (Server response time and page size)
31.  Availability server.
32.  Link exit. (Where we do a link? What links related to our topic?)
33.  Number of pages on the site.
34.  Links between pages to each other on our site.
35.  Internal links to the main page. (This will increase the ranking of the main page)
36.  How many people are returning from our site to search engines after searching for a keyword. and dont forget submit link to DMOZ and Yahoo Directory


finish friend. :)

source : google.com


Tutorial Blog said...

wah info beharga banget nih, teman buat SEO,,,
beberapa udaa diterapin tapi masih banyak yang belum,,eheheh
makasih teman ^_^

Internet tips and share info said...

@Tutorial Blog ok gan sama ,,, masih banyak yang lum di terapin..hehehe

siap gan :)

Con Artist Trickster said...

Mmmm...I need to try some of those.
Nice tips. See you around.

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