Message Error: bX-fceyc

Message Error: bX-fceyc

Ever have an error message bX-fceyc, if well means you're repairs on your blog template. There are several possibilities that cause error messages such error, including:


you're doing panambahan code in Edit HTML, and add some code to edit the HTML template of your blog, and the addition of the code is accepted by the Expand Widget Templates. after that you do the addition of gadgets on the page elements. after a while you then remove the gadget itself then there is the emergence of an error message bX-fceyc.

why be like that, because you remove the gadget but do not restore the original condition or you do not change back to edit the HTML code as in the past before the gadget is added, then you forget so add gadgets or you do not remember anymore because it happened some time ago where you add the code to support the gadget itself.
the solution if you do not back up your blog template before adding the code to edit the HTML, then you re forced to make changes on your template in the template design. but if you make a back up of your template, then you do not need to your template. simply copy the code back up your template and then paste it in the edit HTML on Expand Widget Templates column, remember the code that you paste it in the code before you add the gadget that you delete.
ordinary gadget that cause the error message bX-fceyc is a gadget that affect or that usually arises in sidetab in your browser, for example hours, or animated text moving on sidetab browser. elimination of these gadgets usually cause an error message bX-fceyc, because the installation of the gadget itself is also adding code to edit the HTML on Expand Widget Templates column.


Glayriel Sarahon said...

sangat helpful~ sy blank2 ni itu ari sy jumpa itu message error~ skrg bru sy taw~ thanks for the info :D

Internet tips and share info said...

iam memang suka menjadi galat gini apabila kita sedang mengatur widget....:)

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