Dangers of Dehydration

Dangers of Dehydration

Activities indoors or outdoors have one equation. They both require adequate fluid intake. The experts has long been advocated to drink water at least eight glasses per day, equivalent to two liters.
The goal is that your metabolism running properly so that toxins or substances are not good in the body can be wasted through sweat and urine, as quoted from Health24.
If someone is not drinking then it has the potential to experience dehydration. Dehydration is the condition when humans lack of body fluids. Signs of one's lack of body fluids, among others, lips, mouth and throat felt dry and thirsty, stiff and dark yellow urine when you urinate.
For you who work in offices with air conditioning, never even forgot to drink water routine. At least you can drink at least five cups or 1.5 liters of water per day. Even though your office was cool, but the air conditioner is actually able to reduce body fluids quickly.
The room is cooled usually have dry conditions. So the body will automatically remove fluid through the pores of the skin to help keep metabolism. Not to mention if you are diligent back and forth to the bathroom to urinate.
For more activities outside the room or outdoor, in addition to drinking water, beverages containing ions are also quite important. Active body movement and exposed to hot sun, it would be a potential loss of body ions. If the ion is reduced a lot then your body will feel weak and sleepy. The concentration and productivity would be decreased.
Consume beverages containing ions sufficiently. Now many brands of bottled drinks that contain ions on the market. But remember to pay attention to it in terms of health drinks with regard abortion as well as the expiration date.
In addition to regular drinking water, maintain the condition of adequacy of fluid in the body can be done by eating enough vegetables and fruit. Fruit is very important for your health because they contain vitamins, minerals and natural anti-oxidants.
The fruit has been proven to help heal mouth ulcer pain, aid digestion and reduce the risk of cancer.
Eat fruit no more than four hours after the peel for the content of vitamins and minerals remain good. If lazy to chew the fruit, your favorite fruit juice. The good should not be mixed with sugar. Then look at the composition of the water with fruit when blended, at least 30 percent water and 70 percent fruit.
If you want more practical, drinking fruit juice is also good packaging. In addition to taste can be adjusted to taste, nutritional content was quite awake.
And bottled fruit juice also suitable for many of you are active outside the office or room.


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