10 steps / ways to increase your Alexa rank by 100% in 1 week

10 steps / ways to increase your Alexa rank by 100% in 1 week

We all know that Alexa rank plays a great role in monetizing your webspace especially blog through various channels like Text link ads or Sponsoredreviews. Increasing Alexa rank is more of a experimentation based process than a text book like noted plan.  After a lot of experimentation and testing, I managed to bring Atblogs and Vinnex alexa ranks down by 500% in last two weeks. Atblogs even touched 40000 mark but then server problems caused fall in rank. Anyways, coming to the point, here are the 10 sure-shot steps that will help you improve your alexa rank by 100% in a week or two. Here is the answer to your questions like :
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  1. Spread Alexa toolbar to maximum. Bribe your friends, persuade your family members and girl friend to download the alexa toolbar and make your website/blog as their home pages (and obviously yours too)
  2. Avoid people leaving your URL. So use a script to open external links in your website only for example say Vinnex.org is my website and atblogs.org is the external link. So if I want to put a link on my website about Atblogs, i use this link in hyperlink  : http://vinnex.org/outlink.php?url=http://atblogs.org   and this opens Atblogs in a frame in my website Vinnex only. This increases visitor’s time on your website, pageviews and also decrease link juice leak and enhances internal linking which helps you in overall for not only alexa but also google page rank.
  3. Use alexa widget on your blog/website. A call for Alexa script means increase in your alexa ranking. ( It may or may not work. Depends upon the clicks on this widget)
  4. Use blogger communities or webmasters communities and post your links in ‘Rank my link’ kind of threads. This easily generates 30-40 unique hits a day.Also use Social bookmarking websites like Digg, Share-A-link, Stumbleupon or Del.icio.us or Yahoo buzz.
  5. Get your blog or website listed in as many number of directories as possible. On an average , a single directory (not so famous) sends 4-5 visitor a month to every entry. Hence, 100-200 directories will bring around 1000 unique visitors to yourblog/website.
  6. Use facebook, myspace and orkut to the fullest to showcase your updates. If possible, create a simple facebook application or a quiz which acts as a viral ad for yourblog/website.
  7. Never ever use Traffic booster softwares.Alexa and Google will punish you really bad.
  8. Skillfully put your email subscription box at places where they are most visible and try to increase your subscribers count. They are a source of regular traffic and maintaining a certain level of Alexa rank.
  9. Newsletter marketing is must. Organize a small give-away contest or anything that suits your budget, even a simple ‘Become famous, get your name on this blog on winning’  kind of strategy will work to get a good amount of traffic.
  10. Be friend with as many bloggers and webmasters as you can. And exchange links and keep on inviting them on your website/blog. Normally webmasters/bloggers use Alexa toolbar hence their visit will play a vital role in increasing your alexa rank.
Thats all for now. Hope these tips/steps will help you with improving your Alexa rank.


syamsul rijal said...

nice info sob....

syahida said...

Nice tips .... frind

Asis Sugianto said...

nice info gan,,,, saya juga memaksimalkan alexa saya dan hasilnya cukup memuaskan,, tapi berhubung jarang OL jadi alexanya bengkak lagi dech,,,,

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