how to make a bootable USB Drive

how to make a bootable USB Drive

1. Insert the Win XP installer CD and copy all its contents to your drive.

2. To create the file. Iso, you do not have to bother him ... You just download the Win-XP in the format. Iso, we'll take it from the bootable!. Constraints him we must have the files. Iso Win Xp, but that does not mean we are taking all the files in the file. Iso earlier. For example. Iso is Win XP SP1, we want to make a CD Installer Windows XP3, just take the iso image only. And with that, we also can put the software of our choice on the CD that will be burning a CD Installer XP SP3.

3. Use the software release file. Iso. Can Nero, Magic iso or other ... But I refer the software `Magic iso`, because it is very easy to create files. Iso

4. Open the file. Iso XP Sp1 in a way, right click on the file. Iso and open with his `Magic` iso. So the file that is in the file. Iso will appear. Please remove any files that are on the inside. Iso. With a record of `Magic iso` do not be in the first close ..

5. Just drag the file that would be included. Iso new, that we will create, into the `ex 'files. Iso that is on XP SP1 earlier. Especially his copy of Windows XP SP3 earlier. Well plus, you can memasukkin software of your choice to meet the capacity of your CD or DVD, if you use DVD Blank ..

6. After that save the format. Iso. And open the file. Iso you just created, by right click, open with Nero ``. and Burning

or STEP 2

Probably way over ribet ya? but we can utilize the excess capacity of a CD / DVD is still blank for us to fill it with other software (excluding software Windows XP). Here's another way of it:
1. Find this file in the Windows XP installer CD and copy: C: \ WINXPSP1, C: \ SP1106 and C: \ XPBOOT
2. Specify the files you want to install an insert with Wndows XP.
3. The three files above (C: \ WINXPSP1, C: \ SP1106 and C: \ XPBOOT) make a bootable image for later CD / DVD that you burn a bootable .. By using the software `Magic` iso.
4. Burning files. Iso you just created by burning software such as Nero / Magic Iso / Easy Burn and others....


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