how to quickly download using idm

how to quickly download using idm

* Setting up IDM

1. option> Connection tab> select LAN 10MBs> default max conn number change to 16 for a fast connection at least 3G / 384kbps choice of 16 will actually use the bandwidth connection that we have.
For those with connections gprs/64kbps the best option is set to a connection we do not 1.agar RTO
2. general tab> automatically start downloading of the URL in check
3. download tab check the start IMMEDIATELY while Displaying (ni IDM will auto start so there's a link to download our input in the IDM.

* Take advantage of features and schedulequeue queue and schedule in the IDM is very useful for the hobby of downloading files while you sleep, because the IDM we have the facility shut down your PC if you've finished downloading
download IDM 5.19 build 2 HERE

crack IDM 5.19 build 2 HERE


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