the octopus paul finally retired

the octopus paul finally retired

Nothing is more a scene from the action of Paul's octopus who suddenly become celebrities in the World Cup in 2010. He is no more a real sea animals that has nothing to do with football party in South Africa.

However, this water creature became a byword for never one to make predictions to win and lose every game in the World Cup Germany. Includes a final match when Spain won 1-0 over the Dutch.

Paul who lives in an aquarium at Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, considered to be 'select' Spain because of eating a meal in a box with the flag of Spain although there is another box next to the Dutch flag. Amazingly Paul always accurate prediction.

However, football enthusiasts will no longer see Paul making predictions game action. Sea Life spokeswoman, Tanja Munzig Paul would disclose pension.

He also explained that Paul will be back on the old favorite events: playing with the workers who care for aquarium and entertain the children who watched from behind glass.

In recognition of the 'action' Paul, workers at the aquarium gives a gift of a chalice made similar to the World Cup. However, the cup was not interested in Paul. Though the cup decorated with food from the shellfish as they are commonly placed in the box used to make
prediction game.


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