A Mysterious Recorded Area Google Map

A Mysterious Recorded Area Google Map

Beijing - Google Map to find a mysterious region on the Chinese mainland desert. Areas that have not been able to identify its function was thought to represent areas that was built by the Chinese military.

Pictures shown on the map service Google search engine that shaped stretch of white line drawings giant located at coordinates 40 ° 27'4 .87 North, 93 ° 44'42 .90 East.

One indication that the area was built by the Chinese military because there is an area similar to a jet car park which is located at coordinates 40 ° 27'23 .66 North, 93 ° 23'7 .78 East.

In February, the service Google Maps and Google Earth also finds "grave" the wreckage of the United States military. In appearance, the location of the tomb of the plane, named The Boneyard This shows a row of planes that have been worn.

At least 4000 aircraft buried in the place which covers approximately 1430 the soccer field. Types of aircraft that have been worn as an F-14 jet aircraft which was not used since 2006.


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