What is SEO?

What is SEO?

This article is not intended to compete with the other articles about SEO, but this is more of my understanding of what is SEO or search engine optimization. As someone who deals with internet marketing then master the subtleties of SEO will help you bring visitors and is expected to increase your online sales.
First I need to emphasize that the website without visitors is useless or in vain. Imagine if you have an interesting product, then you are thinking of marketing it on the Internet. For beginner course often hear the lure of Internet users that the Internet is a very effective way to market your products to market worldwide. Maybe this is a general description newbies entering the Internet business:

1. After hearing that the Internet is very powerful because it can market your products, then with a bit of information you then buy the domain and hosting for your website.
2. First they tried to design their own website. Try to buy a book about html then the results were uploaded to the server.
3. Satisfied with his work will continue to add new product pages each month. Although they may not heed the rules in web design as easy navigation, fast access and display.
4. Who are dissatisfied will hire a web developer to design his website. Work is completed and then uploaded. Currently a program created by the web developer allows website owners to easily enter data for new products. Looks interesting not.
5. Owner designnya satisfied with, then hope someone would visit his new site and make purchases.
6. But far from expectations in one month no incoming email at all. The site owner may need time to think, then wait two months three months a year, how come our website traffic was minimal when the products we sell are very interesting.
7. Desperate to close the site owners of most of these sites next year.
8. But some who realized his mistake will learn about Internet Marketing.
The above often I find on some of my friends who try to enter the Internet to market their products. The biggest mistake here is that you do not learn the Internet first. How do I find information on the Internet, or how to market their products on the Internet.
Majority of internet users find your site is through search engines like google or yahoo. There are few who find your site in other ways such as finding your website address on the website of others, listed in your name card, or inadvertently typing your website address in the browser.
So if you want your website known, then the most effective way is to try your website appear on search engines. How? You can register your website address on each search engine or put the link in one of the other websites that have been registered.
Will finish up here? the answer is no. There are tens of thousands and even competitors that sell products similar to yours. According to statistics, 84% users search engines just open the pages one and two, that is the order of 10-20 large for that market. So if your website is not in the order of 10-20 it will be much less likely your website will be visited.
For that there are rules in the search engine that allows perangkingan websites to a market position. Markets referred to here is the keyword or keywords. Keywords are words or phrases used by someone to find something on the Internet. Example: Nokia N70, selling a home, or looking for a mate? hehe.
There are other ways to get visitors from search engines, that is using paid advertisements. It means we pay some money to bring up our site at page advertisement. Maybe you've heard about Google adwords and Google Adsense.
These ads will appear to the right of search pages on Google or on Google services like GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader. Besides your ad will appear on other websites that display Google ads (this is called Google Adsense).
Those advantages are what? Obviously you will easily get visitors, and the weakness is of course you have to pay some money for those ads. Usually you will be in-charge of each one click on your ads, its value depends on you, usually the range of $ 0.5 and above.
But according to another study, 64% of search engine users never click on those ads. They were more interested with the search results or often called organic results. And you do not have to pay a dime to be able to perform at this organic search results.
But the condition you should be able to put your website in top search results on your site. For this reason the seo or search engine optimization is used. Seo is used to optimize your website so your website at the top of Google.
Seo has two important components of keywords and a link or links. The selection of good keywords will help you reach the top in Google. , And links will help determine the popularity of your website. Surely not make sense if many other websites who refer your website to visitors of the website. This means your website popular in the eyes of visitors Internet.
In learning seo then two things above you need to learn in more depth. How do I choose the right keywords, how to put your keywords in your content or website, how to make a good navigation on your website so users can find all the pages on your website, and how to build links link popularity of your website so good .
I could not have explained at length here about seo, because this article aims to provide a snapshot of what seo, so you can determine the next steps and achieve tremendous success in marketing your product.


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