Tips to lose fat and get lean

Tips to lose fat and get lean

Any of you who have ever dieted for any length of time will know that as easy as getting through the day can be (if you get your nutrition right), managing an evening without a raid on the fridge or the biscuit cupboard can be the hardest thing.

I myself have always been a “muncher” and late night snacker – so when I am idle and sat in front of the TV or reading a book I just don’t feel myself unless I have something to snack on. Unfortunately the obvious snack choices of chocolate and crisps don’t really cut it if you are trying to lose fat and get lean. There are two ways to really get a handle on this potential problem of late night snacking:

1) Never have junk food in the house in the first place. Perhaps easier said than done if you don’t live by yourself. My solution – put your foot down and educate the guilty party!

2) Prepare healthy and “optimal” later night snacks beforehand. This strategy works well even if you don’t have “bad food” in the house (after all, Dominos is just a few clicks of the mouse away for all of us!), but is especially potent if the lure of the cookie filled biscuit barrel is just a few steps away. When dieting I have always found it extremely helpful to keep ziplock bags filled with various sliced raw vegetables (carrots, peppers, celery sticks), and for the protein conscious amongst us beef jerky makes a great chewable late night snack that is ideal for both fat loss and muscle building.

And as an aside, please don’t be overly concerned with eating late at night. So long as your digestion is working properly (GERD sufferers will know what I am referring to – acid reflux exacerbated by laying down) there is absolutely nothing wrong with late night snacking so long as you make the right nutritional choices!congratulation..................


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