Meteor Shower tonight!!

Meteor Shower tonight!!

Just read a post from a friend from an online community mailing list, he said that tonight, there will be a meteor rain called Perseid Meteor, The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year from late July to late August as the Earth passes through rock and dust fragments left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. The peak time to see the most meteors typically falls around August 12th..

Bill Bunker, president of the Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers:
"The Perseid meteor shower is named as such because if one were trace the meteors back into the sky, they would appear to be coming from the northeast near the constellation Perseus. But in fact, the meteors are only a few hundred miles away, not light years away like the stars. The best way to view the shower is to go to an area where it is as dark as possible and has a full view of the sky. The best time to see the meteors is after midnight and before dawn. bring warm clothing and a comfy chair or something to lie back on to prevent getting a sore neck."

Indonesia will also get a chance to enjoy this annual phenomenon. Dr. Taufiq Hidayat, Director of Bosscha Observatorium said that we can go out tonight starts from 12.00 at midnight, although we cannot see the shower as clear as those who live in the northen part of the globe, we can still see clearly meteor spots falls down like rain with our naked eyes.

well, when i was a little girl, my mom sometimes told me stories about meteor shower, she said if i'm being a nice girl, i will be able to see those stars falling from the sky and by that time, i can make a wish, and my wish would come true, lol... my grandfather used to worked at Bosscha observatorium here in Lembang, Bandung, i remember when i was 4th grade of elementary school, he took me and my cousins to Bosscha and we saw meteor shower!!! im not really sure it what month is was, but since this Perseid meteor occurs annually, it might be the same meteor i seen many years ago, grandpa told me to make a wish, and i wished for a new Barbie swan princess doll, lol... my wish came true, i got it as my 10th birthday gift from my grandpa (since i made my wish loudly) , he passed away 8 years ago, but the swan princess barbie doll still there, lol... though Dr. Taufik said i won't be able to see that clearly tonight, still im going to Lembang tonight to make my another wish... , wish me luck guyyss!!!!


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