Causes of stolen passwords facebook

Causes of stolen passwords facebook

There have been many cases we find that Facebook accounts are broken into amit hacker / cracker. Just look at the forums or blogs that contain articles about hacking Facebook. Many are asking for help to restore his Facebook account, but also not a few who actually ask how the details to be studied and practiced. There are several causes why facebook account can be hacked or stolen by others, such as the user's own negligence and there is also thanks to the efforts of the hacker / cracker is. Here are some other cause why the password can be hacked or stolen facebook:

1. Easily guessed passwords, avoid choosing a password is simple, easily guessed, such as date of birth, last name (call, girlfriend, sister). Avoid also password consisting only of letters, try the various combinations of numbers, letters and characters, so it will be difficult to dijebol.
2. Forgot Logout / Exit, usually occurs because a hurry to leave the computer and have not had time to logout / exit and immediately close the browser application (mozilla, opera, IE, etc). So that the password and username are still stored in your browser to use cookies. When someone comes along and uses the same computer and browser so your facebook page will be instantly displayed in a log position. Consequently it will be very fatal, that user could easily change the password and username / email your facebook, if this happens to eat a facebook account can not be opened again. Tip: Before you leave the computer first mandatory exit by clicking the Logout button / exit or from the browser menu click Tools, Clear Recent History (mozilla), Browser Internet Explorer click the Tools menu, Internet Options, then click Delete Cookies, Delete Files.
3. Share Password, whenever possible do not tell your facebook password with anyone, because a person's heart that could change at any time. For example when there is any dispute between you with someone.
4. Fakelogin, this mode is the way who could be seen clearly. At the time of opening the browser (for example: mozilla firefox), usually directly to kesebuah "Home Page" which looks like a page originally Facebook. But when he checked Address Bar, then listed a site who was obviously not from Tip: Before you fill in your email and password on facebook, make sure the URL is correct in writing
5. Keylogger, is software that can record computer user's activity. The tape was always stored in the form of text or images, can even send the data tape to the owner or advertiser keylogernya. Keylogger saves all keyboard activity or a knock on the user and sent to the hacker who installs the application. When you type your username and password on a computer that already terintall keylogger then you have a facebook account can be taken over by the hacker. Tip: Use Windows On Screen Keyboard to type your username and password, the way from Start, All Programs, Accecories, Accessibility, On Screen Keyboard. To write with a mouse click on the letters, numbers or characters. Use a password combination of letters, numbers and characters so the password hard to guess by a hacker.
6. Reset Password or Password, Reset the password or the password can only be done if someone know the email that we use as a username facebook, email userid and password email. How it works, someone reset passwords through a facebook page, then enter your email (username our facebook), facebook will send a confirmation code to the email, someone had opened the email with the username and password that already he acquired earlier. Then get a confirmation code to get your facebook password. Well, if those three things are fulfilled then someone could easily grab and change the password facebook facebook us. Tip: Try making a different userid and password of facebook with your email and do not display the email (username) on your facebook profile.
7. Password Confirmation Facebook, This is the same with his six points above, some people often send an email on behalf of the facebook, in that email, we are directed to click a link, when clicked will go to a page similar to facebook. Read point 8 below.
8. Phishing, the act of obtaining personal information like user IDs, PINs, bank account numbers, your credit card number is not valid. Before you enter the password and username to see if the URL is correct, Because a lot of fake websites or fake site that looks exactly like the original facebook page, so if at first glance be difficult to distinguish. At the moment we enter your username and password at the fake pages so facebook username and password will be sent immediately to the bogus site is hacker-makers.
9. Facebook application, be careful with offers poker chips how to win back the stolen, hack poker chips. With the recent popularity of poker games that take advantage of many of these actors to collect facebook username and password to others. How it works, usually you will be given a URL address, if the address is clicked it will show a page containing your username and password facebook. We will be told to enter a username and password on facebook, when that happens then the hackers are already getting your facebook username and password.
Hopefully the above tips facebook can give benefits and allow you to be more careful in using facebook account. Not only that the above tips can also be applied to other sites, particularly those using the system members and have a username and password.


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